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Men Making NEWS 2012 Winners!

And the Winners are…

This year we had several nominees for the two categories of Male Role Model of the Year and Young Man of the Year. Plus, due to a tie in both categories, we have two winners for each award.

Please join NEWS in congratulating the winners of the Men Making NEWS 2012 Awards!

Young Men of the Year

Andres Cantera nominated by Laura Proffitt Schmiegel

Andres is known as a phenomenal, strong and positive young man. Both young men and women look to him as a mentor, as he leads by example. Andres works at VOICES helping all Napa foster and probation youth as the Coach at the Explorations Drop in Center. At first, Andres was actually a recipient of VOICES services, but Andres started giving back by volunteering at the outreach center. The staff was so impressed by his professionalism, care for others, and confidence, that they hired him as an employee – even though he was still in High School! Andres has learned the hardest and most magical lesson in life – to take great obstacles, pain, and loss and find the immeasurable gift of grace not around, but through those experiences.

Edgar Gutierrez nominated by Harris Nussbaum

At only 18, Edgar is an amazing role model in the lives of those who know him. Although he has gone through incredible difficulties in his short life, he has overcome them with courage and endurance. He is known as a polite, intelligent, athletic, and morally and socially conscious leader! Even after facing terrible hardships, he has made the decision to turn his painful past into a positive experience for himself. Like Gandhi, Edgar knows that his strength comes from within and he is a true example for others to not follow a life of violence, but rather to do what they can to make this a better world.

Male Role Models of the Year

Dr. Randy Lung nominated by Laura Proffitt Schmiegel

Dr. Randy Lung is considered an outstanding man in the community. Although Dr. Lung stays very busy rescuing and caring for injured animals at the California Pet Hospital, he still finds time to mentor Napa High School students every year. Dr. Lung also supports campus organizations by sponsoring the choir program and the swim team. In addition, at the beginning of ever school year, Dr. Lung quietly and unceremoniously drops off school bags filled with supplies to Napa High School for needy students. One particular life Dr. Lung touched was that of a young student recently relocated to Napa from Mexico. The young man had escaped his hometown which was a drug war zone. The young student had witnessed horrible violence against humans and animals. However, after being mentored by Dr. Lung as part of his Senor project, he became very interested in becoming a veterinarian. The young man continued on to complete an apprenticeship with Dr. Lung and now looks forward to going to college to receive a degree in veterinary science. It's very clear that Dr. Lung is an excellent example of what it means to be a positive male role model in Napa!

Ian Stanley nominated by Harris Nussbaum

It is hard to believe how many lives Ian Stanley has touched as a positive and empowering young man. He is beloved by his family, friends, peers, and colleagues for the amazing work he has done in our community. Whether tutoring students in Vintage High, serving as a peer counselor in college, mentoring elementary students, being an active member in the Multicultural Club, leading the Youth Ministry program at St. Apollinaris Catholic Church, or currently directing the VOICES Program, Ian always acts with intense compassion and acceptance of all those around him. He leads by example every day and is absolutely an inspiration to all who know him!

Congratulations to the winners and all the nominees!

NEWS would again like to express our appreciation to the sponsors of Men Making NEWS 2012:

See who else was nominated!

Also Nominated…

NEWS congratulates all the nominees for Men Making NEWS 2012! We are fortunate to have these men in our community!

Also Nominated for Young Man of the Year:

  • Ricardo Hurtado
    Martin Perez

Also Nominated for Male Role Model of the Year:

  • Edward Beanes
    Niall Geoghegan
    Mitch Houston
    Jim King
    Gary Lieberstein
    Salvador Nunez
    Rafael Ortiz
    Martin Ponce Perez
    Frank Silva