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Our Services

In accordance with the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (426 U.S.C. 10401 et seq.), NEWS does not mandate participation in supportive services as a condition of shelter residency or emergency services. Therefore, NEWS services are completely voluntary and require the consent of an individual in order to provide services.

24-hour Help Line: confidential support is provided by a trained domestic violence and sexual assault counselor in either English or Spanish at 707-255-NEWS (6397). This is often the first point of contact for many clients. Anyone is welcome to call us to talk about any experiences or concerns regarding abusive relationships or sexual violence. 


The Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) and Sexual Assault Respond Team (SART) minimize the trauma experienced by survivors by responding immediately to the needs of domestic violence and sexual assault victims at the request of law enforcement. Our bilingual DVRT and SART teams are staffed by state certified domestic violence and sexual assault counselors, 24 hours a day. In cases of domestic violence, they respond directly to the scene of an incident or to a designated safe location to provide support. For sexual assault, they respond to the hospital to support survivors through forensic medical exams. NEWS ensures seamless communication between volunteers, NEWS staff, and Napa Police Department representatives to maintain a standard of care that is consistent for all domestic violence law enforcement responses. As well, NEWS is available to help survivors report a domestic violence-related crime if they choose and provide support during extensive historical interviews with law enforcement. DVRT and SART counselors provide immediate emotional support, information, safety planning, and resources to survivors, and work with each client to develop a plan for follow-up services. 

Crisis Intervention Services Program provides intensive, customized case management during crucial periods of transition. Often times clients are experiencing co-occurring difficulties such as domestic violence, drug or alcohol dependency, and/or mental health issues. Using trauma informed practices, our advocates work closely with clients to address these issues simultaneously (often dedicating entire days to one client) to provide safety and stability, while placing a strong emphasis on working toward successful connections to resources that support their recovery and healing. 


Sexual Assault Victim Services (SAVS) is the Rape Crisis Center for Napa County. Our staff believe and empower sexual assault survivors and their families through a continuum of care that includes prevention, intervention, and advocacy. SAVS provides crisis intervention, emergency response, advocacy, and accompaniment to victims of sexual assault 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team of skilled bilingual advocates also provide free and confidential crisis counseling, emergency shelter, assistance with protective orders, court accompaniment and linkages to appropriate community resources. Survivors of sexual assault and non-offending care givers receive compassion, dignity, and respect, regardless of race, class, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, immigration status, ability, age, or religious affiliation. More information is available HERE


The NEWS Safe House is a safe, confidential house located in a residential neighborhood. It is a real home with a beautiful kitchen, private bedrooms and bathrooms, indoor and outdoor play areas for children, and a cozy family room where clients can relax or hold family meetings. NEWS staff is available and onsite around the clock to help support the Safe House clients and their children.  Each client works with a case manager to create an individualized plan based on their own goals. NEWS staff then helps assist clients by connecting them to resources as well providing the support, guidance and advocacy to meet those goals. There is also a KEDS (Kid's Exposed to Domestic Violence) Advocate available to work specifically with children in the Safe House. They provide support and advocacy for children, as well fun activities and homework help. Learn more and see photos of what the house looks like HERE

The Minor House, a modular unit built on the shelter property, opened in 2018 to welcome men, LGBTQ+ folks, and additional families to the NEWS Safe House. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NEWS established the N-SAFE (NEWS-Shelter Alternatives for Emergencies) program to provide survivors and children with emergency shelter in hotels—a safe and secure way to maintain confidential shelter during COVID-19, while still following health and safety guidelines around social distancing. 


The Transitional Housing Program assists clients in finding safe, affordable housing. Continued supportive services are also a part of this program. These services can last for up to two years. Many NEWS clients who find shelter in the Safe House, transition into apartments of their own. Once an individual is safe and stabilized from initial crisis intervention, NEWS offers housing and homelessness prevention services including budgeting, housing location, landlord engagement, financial rental subsidies, and intensive case management services to help survivors and their children, not only to become safe, but to gain the support and empowerment needed to live independently, free from violence. Click HERE for more information. 

The Survivor Pet Outreach Team (SPOT) is a program of NEWS which helps provide safe and temporary shelter solutions to pets of clients entering the NEWS emergency shelter through partnerships with Napa County Animal Shelter and Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch. Often victims will choose to stay with their abuser instead of seeking shelter because they are afraid that their beloved pet will be harmed or neglected. SPOT provides a safe place for the pet during transition. Once the survivor is ready to live on their own, the pet will be returned, safe and sound. 


The Court Advocacy Program provides advocacy and assistance with filing protective orders and provides advocacy to victims of domestic violence. Court advocates help with filling out applications, providing clients general and procedural information that will help them in their protective order hearing, and attending court as a support person for clients either remotely or in person. Clients have the benefit of a bilingual advocate who knows the system and guides survivors through an often intimidating and overwhelming process. The Court Advocate will collaborate with clients to find resources pertaining to issues that are related to domestic violence protective orders, such as child custody, visitation, and other civil issues. Call 707-255-NEWS (6397) for more information. 

To increase access and enhance the survivor experience, Napa’s Monarch Justice Center opened in July of 2019. Through the collaboration of Napa’s leaders in government, education, the nonprofit community, and business, anyone who has experienced or been impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, child abuse, elder abuse, or human trafficking now has greater access to equitable justice and the resources they need to heal and thrive. NEWS is proud to be co-located in Napa’s family justice center to offer our services to the community in a more equitable and accessible way. For more information about the Monarch Justice Center click here


Counseling Services are provided through coordinated referrals to mental health professionals trained in trauma-focused modalities in Napa County. Clients are referred by NEWS staff for short-term, one-on-one, professional counseling. Financial assistance may be available for those in immediate need, based on circumstances and funding availability. Call 707-255-NEWS (6397) for more information. 

Peer Counseling: Ongoing case management and peer counseling ensures DV/SA clients receive ongoing assistance, connections to referrals, housing and financial resources, etc. that reduces their housing vulnerability and empowers clients on their path to recovery from their trauma. 

Support Groups: “Seeking Safety” group counseling for women is available at no cost at several confidential locations throughout the community in both English and Spanish. Led by licensed therapists from Mentis, these sessions are strengths-based and focused on creating healthy coping skills. More information is available HERE

Youth Support Groups: Adults are not the only victims of domestic violence. In addition to weekly adult support groups in English and Spanish, NEWS provides weekly bilingual support groups for kids that incorporate art, self-esteem, and positive communication exercises through our Kids Exposed to Domestic Violence (KEDS) program.  


The YOUthMatter program offers walk in counseling hours at Wellness Centers in middle and high schools throughout Napa Valley to students at risk of relationship violence. As well, YOUthMatter facilitates workshops for young people during the school year which focus on defining healthy relationships, warning signs of abuse, navigating social media safely, understanding individual relationship rights, and identifying tools to use when exiting and unhealthy relationship. One of the hallmark events is the annual national campaign to raise awareness about teen dating abuse called “#Orange4Love” during Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month in February where we work with youth in peer support and leadership clubs at middle and high school campuses across the county to organize events at their school, and youth hone their leadership skills by sharing information about healthy relationships, and quizzing participants about warning signs of abuse, types of abuse, and relationship rights.  

In addition to support groups, the Kids Exposed to Domestic Violence (KEDS) program addresses the needs of the children of domestic violence survivors, with a strong emphasis on building protective factors to improve physical and mental health outcomes following abuse. Our Children’s Advocates provide support, care, and fun activities for children while they are in our shelter or at the NEWS office and connect families to mental health professionals to encourage holistic recovery. Children are assessed and offered resources to build protective factors and reduce risk factors for future adverse effects as a result of exposure to violence. KEDS advocates talk with victims of domestic violence about their concerns over what their children may have seen, heard, or been exposed to in the home and how it is affecting them. Follow up and support is offered to parents to assist in children’s individualized case plan. The ultimate goal of the KEDS Program is to help children and families heal from their exposure to domestic violence, and to prevent debilitating mental and physical health issues and future violence in the lives of children. We believe that with early intervention and support, a brighter, violence-free future is possible for every child. More information is available HERE


Outreach and Education is an important part of ending domestic violence in our community. In fact, prevention and education are one of the four pillars of services here at NEWS. We view it as an upstream approach, identifying the root causes of violence and stopping them before they start. NEWS provides domestic violence prevention and education programs to schools, underserved populations, employers, social service organizations, and the general public in an effort to help the community identify and understand the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, and where to get help if they need it. For more information and an outreach/presentation request form click HERE.

We believe strongly in the power of prevention – and dream of a day when our victim services will no longer be necessary. Until then, we rev up our outreach efforts during four nationally recognized awareness months. During each awareness month, you can find more information under the NEWS & EVENTS menu.

  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM) – February
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) – April
  • Child Abuse Awareness Month (CAAM) – April
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) – October


The NEWS Volunteer Program provides one or two 65-hour training sessions per year, free of cost, for those interested in becoming Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Counselors. Volunteer opportunities include becoming a member of the Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) and Sexual Assault response team (SART), helping provide court advocacy services, and working at the safe house on the 24-hour Help-Line. Contact info and information about the trainings is available HERE.

There are many other ways volunteers can help NEWS: assisting at special events, fundraising, supporting outreach and education programs, connecting NEWS to service organizations, or serving on our board of directors. Please contact us for more information at 707-252-3687 or click here.


Client Non-Discrimination Clause: All individuals will receive services without discrimination of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, creed, religion, age, pregnancy, marital status, or national origin. All individuals will receive services in an environment which is safe, to be treated with dignity and respect, protected by confidentiality and to have access to written information about oneself. All individuals will receive information about mental health services and other social services. This organization will comply with all applicable federal and state laws designed to assure non-discrimination for these services. 

Voluntary Services: In accordance with the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (426 U.S.C. 10401 et seq.), NEWS does not mandate participation in supportive services as a condition of shelter residency or emergency services. Therefore, NEWS services are completely voluntary and require the consent of an individual in order to provide services. 

Client Grievance Policy

For further information about this policy, contact our Program Director at 707-252-3687,, TDD/State Relay: English: 866-660-4288 | Spanish: 866-288-1311.

The 3 Rs of NEWS: Refuge, Recovery, Renewal